Unlike other outward facing and back carriers,  BabyBobek™  features a detachable hip seat which distributes baby’s weight evenly between your hips, thus easing back and shoulder pressure for the parent. With 9 different ways to wear, this versatile baby carrier is ergonomically designed to grow with your child, making it the only carrier you’ll ever need...

When using traditional baby carriers most of the baby weight is carried on your shoulders and back .The ergonomic design of the seat allows for even weight distribution throughout your back, shoulders and hips. The seat absorbs the baby weight and distributes it to your hips. In fact about 40% of baby weight is absorbed by the seat – so if your baby is 10kg it feels like you only carry 6kg on your back and shoulders.

Babies love the seat because it gives them an extra room to move, they are not squished against your body -which is great especially after a feed or in summer when they get an extra air around them to keep them cool. 

The BabyBobek carriers are designed to transition as your needs change and as your child grows

Healthy front facing

The hip seat base is intentionally built wide enough so that your baby's hips rest in a healthy position, where his/ her legs are lifted and supported at hip level and not hanging or dangling, thus allowing safe forward facing carry.


Ergonomic Design & Healthy Hips

The specially designed seat supports legs to the knee joints this allows for correct hip positioning from every carrying position. It is natural that the babies are not stretching their legs.

When wrong baby carriers are used baby`s legs do not maintain stably stretched position, and if they are stretched, it may cause the disjointing of the baby`s hip joints.

Even weight distribution

Built in ergonomic designed seat allows baby to be in a natural sitting position and evenly distributes the weight between wearer's hips, back and shoulders for a long-wearing comfort.

Correct spinal posture

Ergonomic design of the built it seat allows proper spinal posture and even weight distribution with no weight on arms. When using the hip seat /hipseat carrier the parent’s back stays straight while the child will sit on the seat comfortably and safely.

Back carry with view

The beauty about back carry in BabyBobek carrier is the view. Because of the seat the baby is high enough to look over your shoulder rather than just see your back like when using other soft structure baby carrier. Back carry is recommended from around 12 months.

Happy babies= Happy parents ;-)