Why is BabyBobek different than other baby carriers?

The difference between BabyBobek carrier and other carriers available on the market is the unique 3 Dimensional “built-in seat”. It is ergonomically designed to minimize the cause of back pain when holding a baby. We tend to hold babies by resting him/her on the side of our hips causing us to twist our spine. With BabyBobek hipseat carrier your baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the seat and not your hips, which allows you to hold your baby standing straight up, protecting your back. The special design greatly reduces the pressure that would otherwise have been exerted on the spine and shoulders using a conventional baby carrier

Bobek can be used as a Hipseat only or as a complete Baby carrier. Using hipseat only allows your baby to stay close to you without feeling enclosed in (like a traditional carrier) but still able to explore surroundings.  

Is BabyBobek hipseat carrier easy to use?

YES! No confusing, long straps or intricate systems. BabyBobek carrier is designed for easy & quick on/off in just few seconds.

What is the recommend age to use BabyBobek hipseat & carrier?

We recommend using BabyBobek hipseat & carrier at the point when your baby can support their own head.

Bobek hipseat carrier is suitable for ages from 3+ months to 3 years old. (NOTE: Age range may vary for each baby, starting from when your baby has developed proper back support to hold up his/her neck to a maximum of 20kg.)


Can I use the BabyBobek carrier with my newborn baby?

As every baby develops differently we recommend using the BabyBobek carrier when the baby has demonstrated proper head and neck control – this is happening from around 3+ months up. To ensure your baby's safety it is important to consider the baby's age in conjunction with their size, development, & weight as well.

What are the age/weight guidelines for BabyBobek hipseat/carrier?

These are just the general guidelines – each baby development is different.

  •  Front- Face in: 3 – 24 months; 6-12 kg
    • Front – Face out: 6 – 12 months; 6-12 kg
    • Hip- Hipseat only: 6 – 24 months; 6-12 kg
    • Back carry: 8 – 36months; 8-20 kg

You can start using back carry once your baby demonstrates strong head and neck control, can sit unassisted, and weighs 8kg minimum. This is usually around 8 months.

What is the maximum weight for baby to be carried in the BabyBobek hipseat/carrier?

The carrier can be used up to a max. weight of 20kg. There is no restriction on how long you can continue wearing baby in a specific carry position, this is more about your comfort and baby’s comfort

When is my baby ready to face out?

Every baby develops at their own pace, and parents should decide what is right for them and their baby. You can start wearing your baby facing out once your baby has 1) demonstrated strong head and neck control and 2) Can sit up right, unassisted. We recommend starting with short duration (5-10 minutes) to prevent over-stimulation. This is usually around 6 months of age. If baby gets sleepy or shows signs of over stimulation, turn baby around to face you so they can find comfort in their wearer and rest.

How do I know what is better for my child, ‘facing in’ or ‘facing out’?

There are many factors that should influence this decision such as the setting, the child's mood, and the approximate carrying time. BabyBobek is easy-to-use carrier that allows for quickly changing between different positions when circumstances and situations change.

Is forward-facing position comfortable for parents?

BabyBobek carrier has been designed to distribute baby's weight as well as possible, but parents will always find baby facing in and back carry positions more comfortable. This is due to the weight of the baby resting on the parent instead of away from the parent like they do when ‘facing out’. If parents become uncomfortable when baby is facing out, they can quickly and easily transition their baby to any of the other carry positions.

Is forward-facing an ergonomic position for baby to be carried?

Yes, unlike many carriers available on the market, the BabyBobek has a specially designed built in seat which ensures that babies are seated in an ergonomic, “M”-shape position in all carry positions, including when facing out. The child's pelvis is gently tipped forward when placed into the carrier, so that the child's upper spine makes contact with the parent’s body along its full surface, which supports the physiology of a baby's slightly rounded back. The seat also allows the baby's bottom to be fully supported and prevents pressure on baby's crotch area.

How do I know that BabyBobek carrier is safe for my baby?

BabyBobek hipseat carrier meets the safety standard EN13209-2:2015.

BabyBobek hipseat carrier has been tested and approved by SGS. SGS is a world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

Is the carrier washable?
Yes, it's washable.  We recommend pat cleaning with a wet towel or hand washing to preserve the longevity of the product.  BabyBobek does not use any toxic decolorizing agents.  Hence, keep in mind that washing your hipseat carrier may affect colour of the product.

How should I wear the carrier waistbelt?

The BabyBobek baby carrier has an extra wide and sturdy waistbelt that provides a lumbar support, increases comfort, maintains healthy posture and alignment, and prevents lower back strain.  With an infant (from 3+ months), you should wear the waistbelt high on your waist so baby is close enough to kiss. When baby gets older, you can position it lower on your hips. It is up to you to see what is the most comfortable for you and your baby as she/he gets heavier. For smaller babies or parents with a long torso, we recommend wearing the waistbelt higher on your body. In the event of a C-section, wearing the waistbelt higher will likely be more comfortable for you.

We recommend that you always wear the waistbelt in a snug fit as it allows an even better weight distribution on your hips for more comfort on your back and shoulders.

Can I use BabyBobek hipseat /carrier if I am pregnant?

Many women have safely used the Bobek hipseat or Bobek carrier throughout their pregnancy. However, this is very much an individual preference and we recommend you consult your health care practitioner if you choose to continue to carry your child beyond your fifth month of pregnancy

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